Yellow Ochre Paintings

The Story Behind The Yellow – Click to read full article

Art Catalogues: Paintings & Drawing

Please find below 3 catalogues for my work:

  • The trademark yellow paintings
  • Full-colour paintings
  • Monochrome nudes.
The Beauty of Yellow. Cover.


“Dear Patrick, I spoke with the buyer and they are thrilled with the piece! They said it is absolutely beautiful and are getting it framed now. Thank you for your efforts and happy holidays!

Erin, Saatchi Art”

Full-Colour Paintings

Monochrome Paintings

Red Chalk Drawings

Sanguine or red chalk is chalk of a reddish-brown colour, so called because it resembles the colour of dried blood. It has been popular for centuries for drawing (where white chalk only works on coloured paper). The word comes via French from the Italian sanguigna and originally from the Latin “sanguis”.


Graphite & Charcoal Drawings

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