Child Portrait - Sarah. Graphite.



I am happy to take on most commissions  – classical portraits and more recently pets and kids.

I typically work from photos after a photoshoot.


Portrait of MOP.
Pet Portraits
“Patrick Palmer is a huge talent. 
He has not only captured our beloved pet he has captured their enthusiasm for life!! 
Patrick is a perfectionist – his eye for detail is acute as is his dedication to deliver the very best portrait. He worked endlessly hard, including me every step of the way and I was touched. 
‘This painting was a gift to my husband who never wanted a dog as our lives are so busy. Funny how he is now his best friend ….
I cannot wait for Patrick to create our next painting! 
Kerry M



Classical Portrait Commissions



Kids’ Portraits

Kids’ portraits are a treasure for families, capturing the essence of childhood in a timeless piece of art. From the impish sparkle in their eyes to the innocent smiles that spread across their faces, these images become heirlooms passed down through generations.

When creating portraits of children, photographers and artists focus on the natural expressions and personality of each child. These might range from formal studio settings to playful outdoor scenes. The choice of background, clothing, and even the time of day can play a substantial role in the ambiance of the portrait.

Whether through photography or painting, capturing a child’s portrait isn’t just about creating a visual keepsake; it’s about telling the story of that child at a particular moment in time. It’s a way to remember those fleeting instances that parents often wish they could hold onto forever.

Consider commissioning a portrait for special occasions, such as birthdays or milestones, or simply to capture the ever-changing wonder of childhood. In years to come, when the whirl of early years has quieted to memories, these portraits will be a window back to the times of youth and growth.

My Irish Icons’ Series (2012)

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