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Day 3 on this black and white oil painting. I’m using 9 different tones from white to black.  I am using Ivory black mixed with raw umber to get neutral greys. Without the umber the greys are far too blue. I am also using glazes.

I am working from a photo which I took a few years back. There is something I really like about the photo which I am trying to capture here. However I am a bit concerned that other people may not like it as much as me and it may not sell. There is a lot of work and time involved here and I need to get some work done for xmas.

At the start I was aiming for photo-realism but I am making mistakes and smudges are appearing on the way – some of which I like – so I am tempted to get a bit more ‘painterly’ with this. I am a bit torn. I am working on some other painting too which I can revert too if I start to lose my way here…

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