Patrick is a classically-trained artist specialising in the female nude and portraiture. He is considered one of the UK’s leading figure artists.

He also runs life drawing classes in Windsor.


He had years of professional tuition, particularly from Michael Clark (a good friend of Francis Bacon) and Bobby Gill (an honorary fellow of the RCA). He also studied at The National College of Art and Design in Dublin/

He works from his studio in Windsor.

Artist Statement

I was always good at art from a very young age but was pushed into a career in media. I signed-up to a life-drawing class in Notting Hill (whilst doing my normal job) every Monday.

I did this on-and-off for around 15 years and loved it – the people were so refreshing and once a week I could take my mind off work completely and focus on simply creating pictures and learning.

At the age of 40 I decided to take a year out, pay to go to art college for a year and renovate my studio flat in Clapham.

So I took a ‘Continuing Studies’ course at Heatherleys Art College in Chelsea Harbour which was great fun. They allowed me to try a wide range of different art practices – sculpture, print-making, portraiture and painting from life.

At the end of the course I shared a small art space at Wimbledon Art Studios and tried to develop my art. Money was very tight so I also did any other job I could get my hands on to pay the bills This included my own Art PR business called JAM Media.

Whilst an element of realism is important, I try to move beyond artistic convention and avoid an image that is too predictable. Realism is not enough – what you take away and add to what you see are what transform a picture into art. I believe the viewer wants to see a degree of draughtsmanship from an artist but they deserve more than this.

“Patrick Palmer is a modern master of figurative art. His post-romantic nudes are not only exquisitely painted, but also dreamy, delicate and suggestive. They only hint at sensuality and evoke fantasy in the subtle and elegant manner that distinguishes art from pornography.” Claudia Moscovici, Co-founder of and art critic.

“Awesome to know that you are one of a few artists Jasper’s year (10) is studying. He couldn’t believe it, instantly recognising your work!!! All artists were pre selected by the teacher and students have to research the artist and analyse their work. Way to go …. We’re back in July – would be great to catch up if you are around. Big hugs” Michelle Poulter (Hong Kong)

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