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Patrick’s Artist Blog

Day 3 on this black and white oil painting. I’m using 9 different tones from white to black.  I am using Ivory black mixed with raw umber to get neutral greys. Without the umber the greys are far too blue. I am also using glazes.

I am working from a photo which I took a few years back. There is something I really like about the photo which I am trying to capture here. However I am a bit concerned that other people may not like it as much as me and it may not sell. There is a lot of work and time involved here and I need to get some work done for xmas.

At the start I was aiming for photo-realism but I am making mistakes and smudges are appearing on the way – some of which I like – so I am tempted to get a bit more ‘painterly’ with this. I am a bit torn. I am working on some other painting too which I can revert too if I start to lose my way here…


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Saturday 4th November 2017

Right this is the first post in my new blog. I am a professional artist with 2 kids. I paint classical semi-nudes.

I have 5 oil paintings on the go and I really need to get them finished for the Christmas period as it’s a key selling time for artists. So really I need to get them done in the next couple of weeks.

IMG_1139However, it’s raining outside and the light in my studio is not great. So I’m going to do some admin and get the studio tidied for some painting this afternoon when I’m more in the mood…